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Streamline your material flows for a optimal production.


Integrate precise material planning and management to enhance flexibility and efficiency on the shop floor.

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Seamless Integration of Material Flows.

Experience enhanced production performance through the seamless coordination of materials, from receipt to usage and delivery.

Consistency in Production Quality

Ensure a steady supply of high-quality materials through efficient inventory management, leading to uniform and high product quality. This results in fewer production errors and rejections. By consistently maintaining the quality of the materials used, your organisation can guarantee the reliability of the final product, which is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and market position.


Increased Operational Efficiency

Minimize delays in the production process and improve throughput times by utilising automated inventory management. This system ensures that necessary materials are always available on time and are effectively deployed. Efficient management of your inventories can eliminate unnecessary waiting and streamline production processes, leading to faster output and increased capacity.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Limit material waste and reduce storage costs by precisely aligning purchases with actual production needs. Through accurate material planning and management, you can minimize excess inventory and significantly reduce costs associated with high stock levels and underutilisation of materials. This not only contributes to immediate cost savings but also improves the overall financial health of the company by making more efficient use of resources.

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Core Features of Syndustry Materials.

Discover the advanced features that ensure a more efficient, cost-effective, and higher-quality production.

Inventory Management

Optimally manage your inventory levels with real-time monitoring and automatic adjustments to prevent shortages and surpluses. By continually making adjustments, you efficiently respond to production needs and market demands, resulting in effective inventory control.

Procurement Management

Enhance your procurement process with advanced data analysis to reduce costs and improve supplier performance. This leads to strategic purchasing, effective cost control, and stronger supplier relationships.

Material Traceability

Manage and track each batch of materials from the moment of receipt to the point of use. Create complete transparency and control over your inventories, improve logistical efficiency, and support compliance with laws, regulations, and quality standards.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Synchronize production planning with material needs to ensure efficiency and timely delivery. Forecast the required amount of materials and plan purchases and deliveries to avoid delays.


Materials Quality Control

Ensure that all incoming and outgoing materials meet quality standards to minimize product defects. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces the costs of defective products, improving the reliability of your products.

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Integration with Syndustry MES: The Hub of Your Production.

An integrated approach from planning to sales.

Integrating with Syndustry MES allows you to experience a seamlessly orchestrated production process, where the interaction between People, Materials, and Machines is central. Syndustry People is designed to act as a pivot within this complex network, elevating your production efficiency to new heights. Discover how this profound integration optimises every aspect of your operations, from personnel management to machine maintenance and material logistics, ensuring a streamlining essential for modern, high-quality production facilities.

Stroomdiagram van Syndustry MES met de kernprocessen: planning, menselijke resources, materialen, productie, machines, en verkoop.

Syndustry MES: Planning and Monitoring.

At the heart of our MES, the planning and monitoring modules facilitate a seamless production flow, centred on real-time data and efficient production planning.

Planning: The Foundation of Efficient Manufacturing.

The planning module is pivotal in Syndustry MES, crucial for managing daily production activities. This element aids in devising precise production schedules, meticulously managing the utilization of both machinery and personnel. It guarantees the optimal allocation of resources to satisfy production demands. The planning module aims to enhance production efficiency by synchronizing the available capacity with production orders, resulting in an optimized production process from the initial order to the final product.
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Monitoring: Immediate Insight and Oversight.

Syndustry MES's monitoring capability provides an instantaneous overview of ongoing production activities. This feature allows for the ongoing assessment and supervision of production processes and equipment. Thanks to instant updates and notifications, you can react swiftly to any irregularities or interruptions. Additionally, this information is relayed back to the planning stage, boosting not only efficiency but also sustaining product quality through proactive oversight and necessary adjustments.
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Our supportive MES Modules.

Beyond the core capabilities of planning and monitoring, our MES includes specialized modules — People, Machines, and Materials — each uniquely designed to enhance and support production efficiency. These modules facilitate deep integration and optimization of critical production components, refining and streamlining each phase of the production process.

Syndustry People: Maximum Efficiency in Personnel Management.

Syndustry People optimizes staff management by efficiently allocating each employee. The system provides tools for managing schedules, tracking skills and certifications, and analyzing work performance. This ensures you have the right person in the right place at the right time, tailored to the specific demands of the production process. By delivering real-time data on personnel deployment, our MES helps you proactively respond to changing production conditions while ensuring the well-being of your employees.
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Syndustry Machines: Optimization of Machine Performance and Maintenance.

Syndustry Machines enables seamless integration of machine management and maintenance scheduling. It monitors the performance and status of each machine in real-time, facilitating preventive maintenance before failures occur. This minimizes downtime, enhances OEE, and extends the lifespan of your equipment. Our solutions use advanced data analysis to optimize machine efficiency, reducing production costs and improving output quality.
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Syndustry Materials: Intelligent Management of material resources and Inventories.

Ensure streamlined management of materials from procurement to production. Syndustry Materials manages the storage, usage, and replenishment of raw materials and semi-finished products, ensuring you never have too much or too little in stock. This increases efficiency and reduces waste by ensuring materials are available just in time for production. Additionally, the MES provides insights into material consumption patterns, aiding future planning and cost reduction.

By integrating these elements, you create an optimized production process with Syndustry that not only enhances efficiency but also improves production quality and productivity.

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